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New Moon Contact Lenses

$39.95 per pair

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$39.95 per pair

Available in Prescription Strengths! BC 8.6 – DIA 14.5 / 0.00 through -6.00

New Moon is in stock and ready to ship from our location in Marietta, Georgia!

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New Moon Contact Lenses

New Moon Contacts first hit the scene during the Twilight craze. Although the popularity of the movie saga has faded, the lens designs have proven to be very versatile over the years. The lens isn’t solid red so it offers more of a “natural” look on the eye. This is a great vampire or demon lens as well.

If you require prescription strength lenses, the New Moon Contacts are available in 0.00 through -6.00 in corrective value! Other popular vampire lenses include Red Vampire and Angelic Red!

Available In Prescription Strengths!

Gothika® offers these amazing New Moon Contact Lenses in prescription strengths! Now you can get these amazing lenses in YOUR PRESCRIPTION! They are available from 0.00 ( plano ) through -6.00 in .25 steps. Only Gothika lenses offers corrective values in .25 steps to better suit your vision needs.

Trusted Brand For Over 20 Years

Gothika® has been the number one brand of contact lenses with Halloween enthusiests and professionals in the USA for over 20 years. Our lenses are ultra comfortable and made to last. Gothika lenses are good for one year after opening.


Gothika® offers two different types of packaging for our lenses. If you order lenses in corrective strength they will arrive in the traditional glass vials. If you order plano ( non corrective ) New Moon Contact Lenses they will arrive in Wicked Eyez blister packs. Don’t be alarmed! Wicked and Gothika are the same lens! Just different packaging.

All contact lenses sold in the USA require a valid prescription under federal law. For more information on the FDA regulations with contact lenses please visit their website here.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in
Base Curve





One Year After Vials Are Opened


Gothika USA – Marietta, GA / Wicked Eyez


38% Water, 62% Polymacon Immersed in 0.9% Buffered Saline Solution USP


Avaialable 0.00 through -6.00

4 reviews for New Moon Contact Lenses

  1. 5 out of 5


    Great customer support! Very comfortable and only took a few minutes to get comfortable. I rarely ever wear any type of contact and these ones were certainly a positive experience. They are very much a more natural look and look epic when light is on them making them more noticeable. 10/10

  2. 5 out of 5

    Michael K

    They just look so perfect on my eyes. I’m very suprised with how well these lenses are made. The color is beautiful, the lenses fit well to the eyes and don’t make my eyes feel uncomfortable or dry at all which I like most. They delivered my lenses pretty quick too. Great!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mike J

    I will order lenses from these guys from now on. They offer good customer service, shipping is super quick and theses lenses are just so well made. The color is so beautiful. They are pretty comfy on the eyes which I was pretty impressed with. Very awesome

  4. 5 out of 5

    Isabella M

    These lenses allow just enough of my eye color to come through to make it look like my eye are naturally red. Pretty comfortable.

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It’s the Law” Under federal law, ALL contact lenses are considered a medical device that requires a prescription to be legally sold. This includes Halloween lenses and contact lenses that do not correct your vision.

After you order you will receive an email ( within 5 minutes ) from our verification service. Don’t worry, we have already filled out all of the paperwork for you. You simply search for your doctor ( or enter in manually ) and we do the rest.

We send the documents to your eye care professional. If they do not respond within 8 business hours we can ship!

For more information on the FDA regulations on contact lenses please visit their website here.