No "Karen" Customer Service Policy

Are we saying people named Karen cannot order? No. If you are not familiar with the term “Karen” please Google it. You will see what we mean.

We have adopted a strict “No Karen” policy with our customer service team. And truthfully, this policy should have been done nationwide years ago. People have become accustomed to treating customer service reps like garbage for far too long.

Actions We Won't Tolerate

Especially during the busy season, we are working hard to make sure every order goes out. Sometimes there are glitches and mistakes. They are rare, and we work to address them right away. But that doesn’t stop some people from losing their cool about it and abusing our reps. Here are some actions that will send you off into the void to cool off.

  • Demanding to speak to a manager – We are all managers. Every single employee has access to address every problem.
  • Using ALL CAPS and MAKING DEMANDS!!!!! – It truly doesn’t get our attention. It just makes you look like a jerk.
  • Making threats – This one I never understood. You threaten to XYZ if we don’t do something. No faster way to get your order banned from us.
  • Using bad language or using insults.

To simplify, we have adopted a mirror policy. Understand that when problems arise, we want to solve them too! Our reps are awesome! Please work with us to resolve it! Making threats and demands delays the process or gets your order canceled. If you are polite and friendly, we will move mountains to help you!

Please don’t be a Karen.